Top 25 Conservative Movies

A few points here. Almost all movie studios are wildly liberal. So instead of looking at the companies making movies we looked at the content of the movies themselves. Here are the top 25 conservative movies as picked by the National Review. Also check if these are blue ray or not if that matters to you. We linked to what we found so sometimes it was one or another.

Before we get into the top 25 here are 7 recent conservative movies.

7. Silence

6. Risen

5. Captain America: Civil War

4. Hillary’s America

3. Hacksaw Ridge

2. Hell or High Water

1. 13 Hours

0. American Sniper

Now for the 25.

25. Gran Torino:

24. Team America: World Police

23. United 93

22. Brazil

21. Heartbreak Ridge

20. Gattaca

19. We Were Soldiers

18. The Edge

17. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

16. Master and Commander

15. Red Dawn

14. A Simple Plan

13. Braveheart

12. The Dark Knight

11. The Lord of the Rings

10. Original Ghostbusters

For some reason we can’t find this for sale.

9. Blast From The Past

8. Juno

7. The Pursuit of Happyness

6. Groundhog Day

5. 300

4. Forest Gump

3. Metropolitan

2. The Incredibles

1. The Lives of Others

The original link to the list on the national review online is

But a review of the list is still here