Search on Amazon With Liberal Companies Filtered Out (Beta)

Would you write a check to support radical Left-wing organizations like La Raza? Would you give money to a group that focuses on protecting criminal illegal aliens and promotes sanctuary cities? What would you think if you found out your money was being used to fight AGAINST the Second Amendment? How would you feel if the companies that you give your money to, when you purchase products or services, turn around and give your hard-earned money to groups that are working to elect liberals like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

Well guess what? YOU DO. And an increasingly large number of companies are taking the money you spend on their products, and using it for the above mentioned causes. Either directly or indirectly, when you buy from certain companies, you are funding and supporting the Left-wing agenda. To add insult to injury, some of these corporate CEO’s insulted Donald Trump after the election and indirectly the people that voted for him.

We have created a filter where you can avoid some of the most liberal companies when you search for products on Amazon.

Don’t spend your money with companies that support liberal causes!

So what can you do?

1) Go to the company list and vote on companies or submit new ones. List of liberal companies

2) Bookmark this page and use it every time you need to make a purchase. Or just when you don’t want your money going to support liberal causes like Sanctuary Cities.

3) Use our Contact Form to give us any ideas you have for improvements.